Ways to Grow & Heal through Psychotherapy

No surprise to say that therapists are just people. Their training and their life experience shapes the way they see and work with their clients. The more “tools” and ways of working, the broader the point of view in which YOU can be seen. Dr Carr is a highly trained therapist in several modalities with many years of experience… as well as a seeker, a meditator, a related and compassionate person. Whoever you are, whatever your needs or intention, Dr Carr can speak to it and to you in a meaningful way.

Do you need to change? Maybe. Or maybe you just need to be more you. With Dr Carr, you’ll be seen and known… and valued. In seeing that deep part of you, his skills and com-
passion can help you find your way “back to your self”. Your change will be directed only by what help shift hurt to more joy… not someone else’s ideas of who you should be. Dr Carr will hep guide you back home to yourself.
The authentic you.

More Specifically, You will begin to:

  • Develop Mental Clarity
  • Learn Congruency of thought feeling and action
  • Move to Higher Stages of Development
  • Learn Healthy Spirituality & Spiritual Development
  • More fully Manifest the natural inner flame and desire for aliveness and creativity
  • Learn to get more emotional nourishment and to recognize what is toxic for you.
  • Achieve real and deep healing of wounds (vs. adjusting and management)
  • Develop Full Human Potential
  • Create Loving, Conscious Relationships
  • Process and permanently release emotional pain
  • Learn Intuitive development
  • Learn communication Skills and Communication for Intimacy