Therapies Used

Dr Carr’s offers therapy for Individuals, families, couples, children, marriage counseling and groups… and includes the following modalities, always from a humanistic approach:

Gestalt therapy focuses upon your experience in this present moment and helps grow your ability to access, feel and express feelings. When you fully own and feel your feelings, your feelings and actions will change and heal. This therapy harnesses your innate self-healing and self-regulation abilities of the beautiful organism that is you. You will feel and use your power to get your needs met and to give to others.

Cognitive behavioral therapy targets specific behaviors, habits and thought patterns you want to change. It gives you specific clear strategies for change. With Dr. Carrs help and guidance you will think straight and act productively in proven ways that work.

Primal therapy helps you to safely access and resolve painful memories and feelings that may be the cause of depression, anxiety, phobias and other painful issues. These memories are often tucked away, barely known to you as a way to protect you from feeling the hurt. This therapy, guided by Dr. Carr’s caring skill, can help you reintegrate these parts of yourself for a more whole and joyful life.

Integral therapy looks at, heals and harmonizes the whole person including the mind, body, spirit and shadow ( parts of yourself hard to look at). It also enables you to understand your place in society the world and the cosmos so that you can develop your gifts and give back.

Transpersonal therapy recognizes the integration of your spiritual and psychological aspects of yourself. You, and your way of being, are part of something bigger and this type of therapy can help you move through a spiritual crisis, challenge or awakening. It uses our connection with others and the world to help us transcend ourselves and find out who we really are.

Plus several more skills and approaches to connect with YOUR way of being in the world

  • Group Therapy
  • Meditation Training
  • Bioenergetic Therapy
  • Radical Honesty
  • Breathwork
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Anger Management
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Behavior Modification
  • “Walk in Your Shoes” Technique
  • “Open Focus” Stress Reduction Attentional Technique
  • Guided Imagery
  • Energy Work

It’s easy to begin. During your initial interview with Dr. Carr you’ll both talk about the ways that may be best to begin the unfolding of you. You’ll have time to ask plenty of questions and Dr Carr will share any additional information or educational websites that may be helpful to satisfy your desire to understand the process… your process.