Dr. Carr’s Resume

Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
WA License # PY00002543 (Active)


Resume & Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. Psychology, University of Nevada Reno 1992
  • MA Education – Specialization in Counseling Psychology, Northern Arizona University 1982
  • BA Psychology – California State University Sonoma 1973-1974
  • California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco (now Alameda) 1972-1973
  • California State University, Los Angeles



  • Psychologist License, Washington 2016 (Active)



  • PAST Biofeedback Therapist Biofeedback Cert. No. 3894 (Inactive)
  • PAST Biofeedback Certification Institute of America 1993 (Inactive)
  • PAST Psychologist License, California 1997 (Inactive)
  • PAST Psychologist License, Nevada 1998 (Inactive)



  • California Graduate School of Marital and Family Therapy (California Graduate School of Psychology) 1983-1984

Gestalt Institute, Los Angeles, first year program 1975-1976


  • Stephen Tobin, Ph.D.

  • Alan Darbone, Ph.D.

  • Harold Oaklander, MA

Graduate of Gestalt Institute, San Francisco 1993


  • Abe Levitsky, Ph.D.

  • Mary Ann Huckabay, Ph.D.

  • Stephen Schoen, MD

Eastern NLP Institute, Newtown, PA

  • One year NLP practitioner certification training 1989-1990


Biofeedback Training / Experience / Equipment

  • EEG biofeedback and "Open Focus" training
  • Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic 1986-1988

    • Supervisor: Lester Fehmi, Ph.D.

    • Responsibilities: Teaching EEG biofeedback skills and "open focus" awareness skills to clients


  • Association of Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback, Annual Conferences 1984,1986
  • Biofeedback Practitioner Certification Program, Applied Psychophysiology Institutes, Bainbridge Island, WA 1992
  • Equipment: Neurodata 2000 Physiograph with simultaneous EMG, HR, SR, temp, resp, EEG with live CSA & FFT
  • Also 5 channel EEG biofeedback system


Psychotherapist & Biofeedback Therapist

  • Psychological Assistantship with Dr. George Fuller Von Bozzay Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco 1993-96


  • Taught course of biofeedback certification program 1993
  • Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco
  • Biofeedback therapist, San Francisco Headache Clinic

    • Jerome Goldstein Director, MD, Director (part-time) 1993-1997
  • Biofeedback Therapist, Haskell Psychological Services, Reno, NV, William Danton Ph.D. Director (part-time) 1995-1997


    • Zen Meditation Group, Renzi

    • Zen Master Sazaki, Claremont, CA 1964-1966

    • Graduate courses in Zen Buddhism with Richard De Martino, Claremont Graduate School, CA 1966


    Additional Training

    • Gestalt workshops led by Frederick Perls

    • Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 1967-1969

    • Psychiatric technician training program, Sonoma State Hospital, Sonoma, CA 1974-1975

    • Marital "fair fight" & communication training, Bach Institute, Hollywood, CA 1981

    • Behavior modification techniques, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 1976

    • Breathing techniques, Campbell's Hot Springs Center, Sierraville, CA 1982

    • Krishnamurti groups led by Alan Hooker, Ojai, CA 1964-1969

    • Weekly Practicum in psychotherapy & Gestalt Therapy, Joan Sullivan, MD Berkeley, CA 1993-1994

    • TM Training, Reno, NV 1997


    Continuing Education Courses

    • Caroline Myss Workshop 1998

    • CSPP: 1) Child Abuse, 2) Addictions 3) Human Sexuality 1994

    • AATBS: 1) Assessment 2) Statistics & Clinical Research 1994-1995

    • APA Tele-conference on DSM-IV 1995

    • California Graduate School of Psychology, Family Therapy, Martin Kirshenbaum, Ph.D. 1983

    • Intermediate Integrative Family Therapy, Karen Mashkin, Ph.D. 1983



    • "States of Awareness Associated with the Production of a Five-Channel, Phase-Sensitive Brain Wave, Biofeedback signal” (Ph.D. Dissertation)

      • Supervisors: Duane Varble, Ph.D.-chairperson,

      • Bill Danton, Ph.D., Joe Kamiya, Ph.D.,

      • Lester Fehmi, Ph.D. 1992


    • "The Relationship of "Should", "Want", "Actional" and "Emotional" Cognitive Activities to Hemispheric Specialization" (Masters Thesis)

    • Research Assistant in "speed listening research, University of Nevada Reno 1984




    Private Practice, Reno NV & Seattle WA

    • Treating depression, anxiety, marital problems, family dysfunction, adjustment disorders, stress 1998 – current time


    Psychotherapist/ Counselor

    Counseling Intern, California State University Los Angeles, Counseling Center (part-time) 1974

    • Supervisor: Joan Lewis, MA MFCC


    Counseling Intern, Northern Arizona University, Counseling Center, Flagstaff, AZ. 1976 (part of graduate assistantship – part-time)

    • Supervisor: James Frederick, Ed.D.

    • Responsibilities: Individual & group counseling for emotional problems (e.g. relationships, indecision, anxiety, test anxiety, depression), vocational counseling


    Psychotherapist, as part of Psychological Assistantship (PSB21541) at Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco 1992-1996

    • Supervisor: George Fuller Von Bozzay, Ph.D.

    • Responsibilities: Individual psychotherapy, biofeedback therapy for a large variety of emotional & stress related problems (e.g., anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship problems, job stress, insomnia etc.) Intake interviews, psychological & physiological assessment, clinical records & notes, discussion & supervision of individual cases, referrals


    Psychotherapist, as part of Psychological Assistantship (PSB21542)

    • Supervisor: Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

    • Rohnert Park, CA 1993-1996

    • Responsibilities: Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy


    Group Leader

    • Zen Meditation Group Leader, Santa Barbara, CA 1967

    • Gestalt and Crisis, Group Co-leader, Intervention Groups, San Mateo Mental Health Clinic, Westlake District, CA 1973

      • Supervisor: Edward Bourg, Ph.D.

      • Responsibilities: co-lead weekly group with Ed & Ester Bourg. Dealt with drug addiction, marital problems, family violence, alcoholism, depression & anxiety etc. (Done as part of internship for CSPP)

    • Life Planning Workshop, Group leader – Northern Arizona University Counseling Center, Flagstaff, AZ 1976

    • Gestalt and Staff Development Groups, Boston, MA 1979

      • Supervisor: Niela Miller, MA

      • Responsibilities: Co-lead: Gestalt groups dealt with relationship problems, finishing unfinished emotional business, assertiveness difficulties, depression, emotional expression, risk-taking, personal growth

      • Staff development groups dealt with: group process among employees, communication problems between staff and management, assertion training, achieving group consensus

    • Leader of Gestalt group (weekly), Nature Care Holistic Health Center, Simi Valley, CA 1980


    Workshop Leader

    • Summer Workshop Leader on Gestalt awareness processes, La Sonrisa Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 1981

    • Communication Workshop Leader, Reno, NV 1983

    • Co-leader Drop-in Group, San Francisco Gestalt Institute 1987

    • Assisted in Men's Workshop with Joyce Jennings Ph.D. Berkeley, CA 1992

    • Facilitator, headache support group, San Francisco Headache Clinic 1995-1997


    Counselor / Mental Health Worker

    • Westwood Psychiatric Hospital, Westwood, CA (part-time) 1975

    • Metropolitan & Fernald State Hospitals, Waltham, MA 1977

      • Responsibilities: Management & treatment of psychiatric patients; use of behavior modification to treat behavior problems with retarded

    • Adolescent Rehabilitation Unit, Boston Hospital 1977

    • Psychiatric Emergency Unit, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA 1978

      • Supervisors: Cambridge Hospital Psychiatry Staff (Cambridge Hospital is a training hospital for Harvard University Medical School)

      • Responsibilities: psychological interview, intake & referral, brief therapy, crisis intervention, committing of patients, counseling patient families

    • Schick Center for the Control of Weight & Smoking 1982, Encino, CA (part-time)

    • Alcoholic Rehabilitation De-tox Unit, Washoe Medical Center 1983, Reno, NV (part-time)



    Talks & Lectures Given:

    • "Gestalt Therapy" Newtons Women's Club, Newton, MA 1976

    • "Gestalt Therapy" Massachusetts State College, Acton 1977

    • "Brain wave Biofeedback" San Francisco State University 1985

    • "Open Focus Therapeutic Awareness"

    • Princeton Unitarian Church 1987

    • "Biofeedback" (one day course) Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Burlingame, CA 1994

    • Biofeedback demonstration, KGO TV, San Francisco, CA 1996


    Video Production

    • Participated in production of series: "How to Choose a Psychotherapist" with Jeff Levin, MFCC, Viacom Cable, San Rafael, CA 1994

    • Participated in video of "The Five Stages of Relationships" with Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Belvedere, CA 1994


    Radio & Television Interviews:

    • "X-Zone" radio show, Toronto, Canada 1998

    • "Shine" radio talk show, Monterey, CA 1998

    • "Off the Record"  Television Show. Tucson, AZ 1998

    • Next Dimension talk radio show, Las Vegas, NV 1998

    • The American Entertainment Network, CA 1998


    Teacher/ Supervisor:

    • Northern Arizona University, taught course in educational psychology 1976

      • Study Supervisor, Indian high school students, Flagstaff, AZ (part-time) 1976

    • Reno Montessori Schools, Substitute Teacher, Reno, NV (part-time) 1984

    • California Juvenile, Substitute Teacher, 1986, Court Schools (part-time)

    • Lawrence Township Schools, Substitute Teacher, NJ (part-time) 1989

    • Camp Troy Boy’s Camp,Camp Counselor, summers 1965 – 1966


    Management / Sales

    • "The Leather Shops", Owner-manager- salesperson – leather & jewelry craftsman & crafts instructor – , Santa Barbara & Lake Tahoe, CA 1967-1971

    • Topcopy Copy Centers Inc., Manager, Northeastern University branch, Boston , MA 1980

    • Tree Development Inc., Marketing research for west coast, Boston, MA (part-time) 1983-1985

    • Docutech Inc., Marketing researcher – document retrieval software developer Princeton, NJ & Boston, MA (part-time) 1986-1990

    • "Telefire"relaxing/stress-reducing television "screen", Northern Calif. distributor, Western Light, Mill Valley CA (part-time) 1992-1993

    • Assisted in presentation of Docutech business plan to Bellcore, Morristown, NJ 1990


    Computer/ Internet Experience

    • EEG data collection Biotrak software with Apple IIe 1989-1990

    • Excellent familiarity with MS Windows environment, including Word, Excel, & SPSS for windows

    • Beta test site for SPSS For Windows & EEG program 1992

    • Have tutored and been consultant to friends and acquaintances in PC & windows use


    Miscellaneous Experience

    • Orderly, Psychiatric Unit, Santa Barbara General Hospital summer 1968

    • Unit secretary, Santa Monica General Hospital summer 1974

    • Maintenance worker, Woodcraft Rangers Boys Camp summer 1966


    Professional Conferences & Organizations

    • IPA – International Primal Society Conferences 1997, 1998

    • CAMFT – San Francisco Chapter – Membership 1992

    • APA (American Psychiatric Association) convention, New York 1990

    • AHP (Association for Humanistic Psychology) conference 1981, 1991 Attendee & volunteer worker 1992, 1993 SALT (Society for Applied Learning Technology) conference, Washington DC 1985, 1986

    • Legal Tech conferences, New York & Dallas 1987, 1989

    • Desktop Publishing conference, Boston 1988


    Honors, Awards, Achievements

    • Graduate assistantship, Northern Arizona University 1975

    • Deans list, California State University Sonoma 1974-1975

    • Academic scholarship Claremont Men's College 1964

    • Green Belt, Shotokan Karate 1968

    • Boston Marathons 1977, 1979


    High School

    • Student Body vice-president, Antelope Valley High School 1963

    • First high school student in U.S. to build a laser 1963

    • Varsity Football, best defensive lineman award

    • Antelope Valley High School 1962-1963



    • The therapeutic uses of awareness, attention and emotional release;

    • Relationship of EEG to awareness and emotions;

    • Exploration of subjective emotional states and processes, including ways of finishing emotional "unfinished business"; Teaching clear communication skills

    • Life extention

    • In the process of writing papers on "self-deception", "self-therapy", "accessing the self", "mental clarity", "gestalt formation" "catharthis & meditation", "undoing retroflections", "critical thinking"



    Meditation, jogging, computers, aerobics, cross-country skiing, hot springs, cycling, hiking, martial arts, breathwork, windsurfing,



    Recent supervision:

    George Fuller Von Bozzay, Ph.D. (#: PL3337)
    Title: Director, Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco
    Phone: hm:415-759-5659 wk:415-921-6500
    Address: 3428 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94118
    Susan Campbell, Ph.D. (#: PSY5102)
    Author: The Couples Journey & Beyond the Power Struggle
    Phone wk:707-585-7756
    Joan Sullivan, MD
    Title: Psychiatrist, Past Trainer, Gestalt Institute of San Francisco
    Address: 1114 Oxford St., Berkeley, CA 94707
    Abe Levitsky, Ph.D.
    Title: Past Trainer Gestalt Institute of San Francisco
    Phone: hm: 527-6868 wk: 649-1007
    Address: 921 Clark Place, El Cerrito CA 94530
    Mary Ann Huckabay, Ph.D.
    Title: Past Trainer Gestalt Institute of San Francisco
    Address: 3969 Rohda Ave., Oakland CA 94602


    Past supervision:

    • Duane Varble, Ph.D. Professor Clinical Psychology University of Nevada Reno

    • Ed Bourg, Ph.D. Professor Clinical Psychology CSPP, Alameda Campus

    • Les Fehmi, Ph.D. Director Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic

    • Joe Kamiya, Ph.D. Past Staff Member, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatic Institute, San Francisco

    • Niela Miller, MA Past Trainer, Gestalt Institute of New England

    • Cambridge Hospital Psychiatry Staff

    • Other staff members of the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco & Los Angeles