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New Unique Integral Psychotherapy Group

“Feel Different”
The Over-Arching Vision:

In-depth Integral Psychotherapy Group

Meets every Tuesday 7-9 PM at Dr. Carr’s office:

7800 NE Bothell Way Suite 155-B Kenmore, WA 98028


If you have any questions or would like to find out how this ground-breaking group can benefit you, please contact me by phone at 425-488-5496 or by email at:

This weekly group will start as a drop-in group that you can come to as frequently as you choose. (Later on, the group may become closed to very infrequent drop-ins or to new members.)

Your best bet is to call Dr Carr if you want to know exactly how the group will work or need clarification. Below is a detailed description of what the group will cover at various times (of course not all at once).

If you are hungry for more, you might find: “Theoretical Models and Useful Concepts” intriguing.

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the visioned scope and depth, as each group will cover only one part of the whole vision.

The group will be very different (e.g. more in-depth and multi-dimensional) than the monthly integral meetups

Led by Dr. Wayne Carr, Licensed Psychologist (35 years experience as a psychotherapist with a unique perspective) and co-leader

This group will meet Tuesday nights 7pm to 9pm. Sign up now by calling Dr. Carr at: 425-488-5496

The cost of the group is $30 per meeting.

The group will interact within different formats at different times:

The first format will allow members to bond and interact spontaneously within certain communication guidelines and directions. Attention will be given to what arises within the group as a creative exploratory process that allows for deep contact and group (we) consciousness. We will see to what new levels we can “transcend and include” as this phase of the group, for the most part, can navigate its own course into new integral territory.

The second format will be similar to traditional Gestalt workshop that allows for individuals to sit in the “hot seat” next to the therapist and do individual work using the group as a larger field of support and feedback, as well as a safe place in which to experiment with new behaviors and new ways of being. Gestalt “Empty Chair work will be one of many creative and innovative techniques used. Other new group formats may be added later such as group meditation and primal “mat work”.

Overall, the atmosphere will be safe, nourishing, gentle, and compassionate. You can risk and open up at you own rate. No one will force anything or come at you with an “emotional crowbar”. You are free to be who you are and who you’re not. There is room for the “forbidden” unacceptable parts of yourself. There is room for both libido and Thanatos. There is room for all your points of view and feelings, from the primitive to the sophisticated.

Again, Your best bet is to call Dr Carr if you want to know exactly how the group will work or need clarification about anything.

(Legal Disclaimer: Dr. Carr’s legal role as a Licensed Psychologist is kept entirely separate from his role a remote viewing instructor. The current paradigm in clinical psychology does not allow for psychologists to make any claims or do any practices that are not scientifically well-established and accepted in the minds of the current policy setters for national and state psychological regulatory agencies. Dr. Carr cannot make any claims outside this paradigm other than as purely speculative and theoretical and not as a serious part of a psychotherapeutic process. Also limits of confidentiality and “disclosure policies” will be gone over during the group meeting)