Goals & Skills of Group Therapy

Read on if you are intrigued by one Psychologist’s “all inclusive” perspective on Integral Psychotherapy! This group will provide a safe and sacred space to

To be, to experiment and practice being radically and completely:

  • real, authentic, congruent, honest, deep, contactful, transpersonal, spontaneous, “translucent”, Enlightened, Empathetic and compassionate (toward self and others)

The goals of the group are:

  • To seriously approach what we do in depth
  • To accelerate our growth to higher states and stages (particularly stages within 2nd and 3rd tier and beyond)
  • To Heal ones deepest wounds, shadow, pains and patterns all the way down to their deepest roots. (emotional, spiritual, cognitive, behavioral, physical)
  • To differentiate and integrate polarities and disowned parts of ourselves.
  • To break through denial and stuckness on all levels.
  • To know what is in front of our face.
  • To become fully feeling, fully thinking, fully being individuals.
  • To re-instate multi-dimensional organismic self-regulation on all levels.
  • To heal shame, low self-esteem fear and “dread of repeat”
  • To bring the hidden parts of ourselves into the world.
  • To deal practically and skillfully with current situations and problems.
  • To risk reaching out as well as reaching in.
  • To fully support an in depth Integral Life Practice that acknowledges all four quadrants.
  • To move to your next developmental stage (Transcending your previous identities and hidden embedded “reality boxes”)
  • To allow for Prototypical experiences
  • To develop the neurologic “structures” to hold higher states that transcend and include.
  • To use current “triggers” as marvelous vehicles to the underlying driver of past pain.

To further develop skills in the following areas:

  • Communication and meta-communication
  • Boundaries
  • Assertiveness & risking
  • Fair fighting
  • Risking and experimentation
  • Emotional, cognitive and spiritual literacy
  • Taking second and third person perspectives etc.
  • Meditation
  • Metatation: Allowing the organism to select its own process (out of many) to run.
  • Expanding the “pre-thought” “pre-habit” window
  • Emotional release (and containment) (the full range of intensity):
  • Crying/sobbing, Anger, Rage, Primaling, Disgust, Fear, “Writhing”
  • Emotional expression (the full range) appropriate to both the internal state and external circumstances.
  • Critical thinking and “thought formation”
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic management
  • Developing and sharpening of all the gross and subtle (not talked about) senses: Including:
  • The sense of: Making sense, Being, Reality, Perspective, Presence, Truth, Perception, Figure-ground, Identity, Self, Groundedness, Meaning, Future-past, Honesty-truthfulness, Disgust and toxicity, Violation, Pain-Discontent, Joy and Pleasure, Confidence, self-trust, We, Balance, Logic and contradiction, “Non-locality”, Space, Discernment and differentiation