Goals and Course of Treatment

The goals and course of therapy are mutually determined by both the client and the therapist. I believe that problems can be identified, and solutions defined, in a straightforward and understandable manner. The length of therapy, and the approaches that I employ, will depend on your particular needs and goals.

On the last page of the intake brochure is space for you to list some possible goals that we can discuss during the next session. They can be specific and general, short term and long term. How do you ultimately want your life to be? Be honest; discontent is not a bad thing. You can write some initial idea at the space provided on the last page of the form.

During the course of treatment, we will periodically evaluate the meeting of our goals and adjust the treatment modalities and interventions if necessary.

Weekly appointments are usually appropriate unless you are in crisis, in which case it may be suggested that you temporarily come two to three time a week. Toward the end of therapy, it may be appropriate to come every other week or as needed. The length of treatment can be a few sessions or months depending on the severity and persistence of the presenting problem and on the goals set.