Education and Approach to treatment

I have been a practicing psychologist since 1996. I earned a PhD in psychology 1992 from the University of Nevada Reno. I then completed a clinical postdoctoral internship in the San Francisco Bay Area where I also graduated from the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco. I practiced in the Bay Area and Reno, NV, until 2000, when I moved to Washington where I opened a private psychotherapy practice in 2002.

My basic approach to therapy can best be described as “Integral” and “Humanistic”. Humanistic means therapeutically & creatively using authentic contact, feelings and awareness in the “here and now”. I have integrated different approaches from a variety of disciplines (for example, Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt, Integral, Marriage & Family counseling, Child Counseling, Stress Management, Practical Problem Solving, Primal, Transpersonal) I will try to find and continually adjust the most appropriate combination of interventions to most effectively reach the goals of therapy we have decided on. When dealing with couples relationships or families I use a “systemic” approach, meaning that the relationship or family constitutes a unique system which in and of itself becomes a separate “client” which must be looked at and healed.

An “Integral” approach: I stress that it is important to work on all levels of the self, as well as of the whole self, for healing and full functioning. This includes the cognitive level (thinking), the emotional level, the body level, the behavioral social level and the spiritual level. What levels and problems you want to work on is up to you.

In our initial contacts, I will be describing how the appropriate types of therapy work and I encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment and the course of therapy. Please feel free to ask about the strategies I am using or the expected outcome of therapy. In all cases, appropriate professional boundaries are respected and maintained (see section on professional boundaries).

In regards to spiritual matters, I respect all the great wisdom traditions, religions and sects (including non-religious positions etc.) I believe they all come in several versions and that one tends to pick the version of appropriate to their developmental level and needs.