Communication Skills Workshop

In this workshop you will learn communication skills from a deeper perspective, using fresh new ideas. Learn what’s really going on in your relationships and how to improve intimacy.


Communication is much more than a set of rules to follow. True communication involves not only the appreciation and expression of our different realities but also our ability to commune, to share and perceive the same reality. It involves skillful use of one’s senses, one’s heart, one’s intellect to make authentic contact with another.


It is the way we bridge our own internal state to get our needs met. After internal work, we can connect with the world, in ways that can be heard and accepted, if we listen as actively as we speak! In the workshop learn basic principles and techniques for effective communication as well as an innovative new tool for building communication. Covered will be "fair-fighting," expression of resentments and sharing of one’s deep feelings in ways that other people can take in, "triggering" and projection, a destroyer of authentic communication.


Instructor: Wayne Carr, PhD, licensed psychologist draws from his unique background in cognitive-behavioral, humanistic & Gestalt Therapies, meditation, consciousness, biofeedback, and neurofeedback; his special interests include therapeutic uses of awareness, attention and emotional release; exploration of subjective emotional states and processes, including ways of finishing emotional "unfinished business" and processing emotional pain; teaching clear communication skills. Overall, Dr. Carr has a strong interest in finding ways to integrate the "spiritual" with the "primal-emotional".


For additional information contact: Dr. Wayne Carr
Phone: 1-425-488-5496