The very thing we seek is the essence of everything around us There is no place in the universe which is not the very center of God Like a child playing with the long veil of illusion, we learn to play hide and seek with reality Such a fascinating game that, at one time, gently caresses us and loves us until we open our eyes, and at another, walks us kicking and screaming through the painful primal fires that wake us up Life itself won't leave us alone, forever beckoning us to see what has always been in front of our face Unfold yourself to see what God has never seen and has always been Chant the infinitely long sacred words of true emptiness and existence. This is the sound of

From Pre-Rational to Pseudo-Rational to Trans-Rational

Trans-rational "Second sight" Strong intuition Self-regulation of cognitive processes Seeing many relationships at once Seeing multi-level truths Seeing the whole picture Seeing the relationship to the whole. Using processes that transcend thought Emergence of "Thought balls": unitary multi-perspective thoughts Very large "pre-thought" space or interval "Non-local" abilities of the brain are well integrated with the "local" abilities EQ is integrated with IQ Able to see things absolutely fresh includes, assimilates and transcends the rational Rational Doing things because they make sense A healthy "sense of making sense" Thought itself tends to be inherently logical in na

A Little Story on Perspective and Vantage Points

Once upon a time, in a land that was very flat with no hills at all, there dwelled a somewhat primitive village of people who couldn't see very far off in the distance because they had no hills to stand on. They saw their houses, their streets, their fields and since they were too busy surviving to take long trips, they thought that what they saw was all that there was. Since they thought that was all that there was, they never felt the need too take long trips. Since they could see all that there was, it made them feel secure. In fact it made them feel even more secure to punish those who questioned their security and so they created taboos and passed laws against taking long trips and buil

Achieving Balance

May we be able to achieve balance (homeostasis) between: Process and Content Abstinence and Indulgence Healthy Pleasure and Healthy Discomfort Work, Rest and Enjoyment Doing and Being Contact and Withdrawal Current Gratification and Deferred Gratification Narrow Focus and Diffuse Focus Healthy Creation and Healthy Destruction Health Shoulds and Healthy Wants Nourishment from Self and Nourishment from Others Charge and Discharge Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Heart, Mind and Soul Healthy Strength and Healthy WeaknessBuy college application essayswrite my essay for me discount codewrite my essay for me discount codewrite my essay for me discount code

Simple Silly Sayings

What you most fear is what's most near What you deny will make you lie And what you resist will always persist For what you hide will still abide Your shadow knows beneath your clothes Hide in a role and lose your soul When you don’t breathe life takes its leave. What you don't cry begins to die What you don't use you’ll surely lose What you repress will make a mess So repossess what you repress Feel Primal Pain’s emotional brain And make it less when you express To empty the pot you must practice a lot And what you should heed is what you need To move up from survive to be fully alive Let “what you notice” unfold like a Lotus Let your life be surprised by

The Psychotherapy Process

Psychotherapy can last 2 weeks or 10 years. The psychotherapeutic process (with or without a therapist ) should go on the entirety of one's life. (Most people do not want to do 10 years of psychotherapy and most people need 10 years of psychotherapy.) Some people just want some symptom reduction or problems solved so they can get back to where they were or want to be. That is OK. Some people want to grow and develop as far as possible. They want to heal all the wounds they can. They want all of themselves functioning at the highest level. (There's never a point at which you have arrived and cannot develop and grow further.) That does not mean that you need a therapist at all times. T

Minimizing the Myth of the Given

The "Myth of The Given" is the belief that an objective existence is out there waiting to be discovered by us and then seen as it is. It is also the illusion that what appears to arise in your consciousness is free of bias and filtering. It ignores the fact that the developmental level of your mental structures is a major factor that determines your interpretation and selection of what enters into your awareness. It is not a given that we are aware of existence as it is. If fact there is nothing state-able that "actually is", only a perspective that eternally changes as we develop to higher ground. only when we have a larger cognitive perspective can larger gestalts form in our consciousn

A Model of Reality

Preface First: In writing this, I drawn on my: sense of making sense, my sense of connection, my sense of something speaking through me, my sense of nothing and my sense that it doesn't have to be perfect as it refines itself. Language does not have to be use precisely every time as long as the general intended idea is truly conveyed. Such thoughts, ideas and experiences will continue to draw preciseness to themselves. All forming gestalts, when given loving space, have a pull towards a lively and clear figure-ground before re-dissolving into the fertile void. Second: All cookie cutters, molds and models that try to contain and explain reality will eventually overflow, burst at the seams

Breathing & Attention

Breathing and attention are like brother and sister. Where the breath goes so does the attention. When the breath is shallow, attention is shallow. When the breath is deep, attention can be deep. Breathing is the point where the voluntary meets the involuntary. Every breath is an echo of the original one breath. Let the breath be undivided, then when you fully find the point where reality splits into two; it convulses into one. This point has awaited your attention even before you were born.Buy my waste paperpay for law essaypay for law essaypay for law essay

Basics of the Mind

To grow, the mind needs to discover basic things about itself. It needs to understand some of it's basic structures and processes. I believe this is a never ending process. I am amazed at how basic the things are that I'm still discovering about myself. Krishnamurti talked about the difference between a mind that's made quiet and a mind that is quiet. It's quiet because it understands basic things about itself. There's also a profound difference between a quiet mind and no-mind which I won't go into now. Through meditation and radical honesty, the mind can discover its basics, for example: conflict , how conflict arises, what it is and how to see it. Discovery is only made from the sta