Anger Management

Anger ManagementIs your anger causing problems in your relationships, at home, or at work?  If you frequently lose your temper, explode, or act out in aggressive ways, you may have a problem with anger management.  If you realize there is a price to pay for your actions and would like to deal with your anger, I can help.

Anger is a natural and healthy emotion that everyone experiences.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling angry.  The problem is that many of us never learned how to express anger in a healthy way.  Instead, we lash out at others or act out in aggressive and hurtful ways.

When you go too far and the way you express your anger becomes harmful, you will face consequences that you didn’t think about in the moment.  These consequences can have a lasting impact on your life.  Addressing these issues is the only to deal with them.  And they need to be addressed sooner rather than later.


How I Help with Anger Management

I can help you deal with your anger in many ways.  When you work with me, I will teach you appropriate ways to express your emotions so that both you and others can get their needs met without resorting to violence.  

In many cases there are underlying factors that cause people to be overly angry.  If this is the case for you, I will help you uncover the emotional issues that are creating your rage and help you process and deal with those feelings.  Dealing with the underlying causes of your emotions, along with new techniques to express your anger is a formula for success.

Together, we can help you get back on track so that you don’t lose what you value most. 

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I look forward to working with you.


Dr. Wayne Carr


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