Addiction Treatment

addiction-to-alcoholAre you struggling to overcome an addiction? 


Addictions come in many forms.  Be it drugs, alcohol, television, sex, or something else, addictions can have powerful consequences in your life.  If you have an addiction that you are struggling to break, I’m here to support you.


Often we don’t recognize our own addictions.  Maybe a friend or family member suggested you get some help.  Or maybe you feel you might have a problem, but aren’t quite sure.  In any case, if you’re unable to stop a certain behavior even when you try, there could be underlying issues that need to be addressed.


Understanding Your Addiction

Addictions are nothing to be ashamed of.   They arise out of desire to feel better or to escape painful feelings or memories.  What started as a coping mechanism can quickly get out of control.  Rather than helping you deal with your feelings, it’s now getting in the way of your life and your ability to function. 


The first step is to recognize and acknowledge the function that your addiction plays in your life and how it has been helping you cope.  Next, we’ll explore the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place. 


I can help you overcome your addiction by helping you get the root of the problem and understand why you became addicted.  When you work with me, we’ll examine your history to uncover the painful feelings you are attempting to mask.  Together, we’ll work to integrate those feelings.  You’ll also learn new, healthier ways to cope and how to reach out for help when you need it.


If you’re already working with a 12-step program, addiction therapy can be a great complement to your program and help solidify your success.


To find out I can help, fill out the form to the right to schedule your free consultation.  You can also call me directly at (425) 488-5496.  I look forward to serving you.


All the best,

Dr. Wayne Carr


Photo credit: by Naypong