Event Descriptions

Integral Enlightenment Training

with Dr. Wayne Carr & Korean Zen Buddhist Monk, Yoon Lee


Enlightenment.  Really?


Join us for this genuinely  transformative weekend event to get on the “conveyor belt” towards enlightenment.

To be enlightened means to be fully awakened to yourself, to the world, and to that which lies beyond both.


Integral Enlightenment Training (IET) provides tools to accelerate your journey towards enlightenment and awakening.  


If you feel drawn to this, realize that the world desperately needs you.  We need people with great clarity who can positively influence those around them and help usher us through the evolutionary shift we are currently experiencing. From this perspective, enlightenment is a necessity.


IET will guide you towards higher stages of emotional-spiritual development.  To facilitate your movement to these higher stages, Dr. Carr has created a uniquely beautiful container of discovery, concepts, and exercises to put you on “the pathless path.”  This is a path of growth, healing, and transcendence.


Interspersed with Dr. Carr’s teachings, you will gain massive insights about the awakening process through the teachings of a former Korean Zen Buddhist Monk.  Yoon Lee will show you how to accelerate the awakening process through shared experience.  In Yoon’s teachings, when two or more people share their authentic excitement with each other, it creates “pillars of light” within each person.  The interaction of multiple light sources creates an even brighter light which has its own intelligence and shines through us with inspiration, heart opening, and enhanced creativity. Be ready for exciting discoveries!


Yoon will guide you through the process of creating a new reality through interaction with others.  There is no way of knowing what lies ahead, but there are certainly exciting and magical things to discover through living, sharing, and becoming.  Yoon will show you how to create and discover the sublime beauty of everything – a beauty that is beyond what you currently know.


Integral Enlightenment Training is your “fast-track” to your spiritual development.  Enlightenment means coming from real clarity, truth and true action.  It is about being and resting in your true nature – that which is beyond the mind.

Yoga For Enlightenment

As a special feature, offered for the first time during the Integral Enlightenment Training, Yoon Lee will lead you through a special yoga practice, designed to bring you into full awareness of yourself.  He will guide you to the space within yourself where serenity and love reside together.  This is the space where we all truly belong and is our home.  


Through sharing, we honor and give life to life itself.  We all blossom in our own unique way and this practice honors the authentic light within.  Blossoming and emptiness come together in this class as we enjoy the sacred dance.  

Bringing full awareness to your breathing, you will learn to expand your awareness to include the subtle energy in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Using sacred toning techniques, Yoon will lead you towards your inner serenity, and you will experience higher levels of energy, while at the same time creating an entirely new vibration.  This beautiful experience, combined into one yoga class, is an exciting and magical addition to the workshop.  

What You Will Learn in IET

In this workshop you will learn unique, specific, and practical techniques for self-healing, self-growth, and self-transcendence.  You will learn how to access all parts of who you are and how to integrate your shadow elements.

You will learn to see beyond where you saw before, with much more clarity, so you can walk your path with the greatest self-trust, love, compassion, aliveness, authenticity, and spontaneity. You will learn how to download from source, in real-time, in order to create authentic communication, relationships, and contributions to the world.

If you feel called to walk the spiritual path, there is no better training than Integral Enlightenment Training.  Join Dr. Wayne Carr and Yoon Lee for this transformative weekend event to accelerate your move into your  next stage of development and create lasting, positive changes in your life that go way beyond “self-help” and self-improvement.

Wake up, Grow up, Show up!