Specific Integral Concepts

We approach Integral more as a space we naturally can come from much more than a group of concepts we try to go to. Otherwise we risk creating “shoulds” and “overlays” on top what is actually there, and on top of who we actually are.

AQAL (all quadrants, levels, lines, types etc.) is a powerful “map/cookie cutter” that doesn’t seem to cut against the grain.  However, like any map, it should not be held on to too tightly . After careful study, it should be let go of from time to time to develop an innate sense of the lay of the land. By letting the map go it re-emerges to us in a more accurate form. By holding on to any map we risk creating “analytic overlays” and dogmas that cover what is actually there and unfolding and evolving.

For example, just the word and concept “all” does not and cannot capture what “all” actually is,  and what “all” is actually evolving to be.

We will incorporate (and sometimes challenge) extended integral concepts of:

  • Spirituality, Shadow, Integral life Practice, States and Stages, The meta-perspective of seeing all four quadrant simultaneously
  • AQAL

    All Levels of the Self (the multidimensional organism) including:

    • Non-dual
    • All levels of Being
    • All levels of Spiritual-Nonlocal consciousness
    • Cognitive – behavioral
      • All levels of cognitive processing
      • All levels of cognitive defenses
    • Social – family, ethnicity, world
    • Emotional
      • All levels of emotional processing,
      • All levels of emotional defenses
      • All levels of pain
    • All levels of memory: Birth , Infancy, Toddlerhood , Childhood , Adolescence , Adulthood
    • All levels of Identity & personality and sub-personalities
    • Body – muscular- neurological -brain

      • Cortex, limbic, brainstem
      • the voluntary and involuntary,
      • the sympathetic and parasympathetic,
      • the amygdale and hippocampus
      • Non-local – energetic Fields

We will integrate (vs. eclectic “heaping”) principles, ideas and techniques that take from many different sources (such an integration is entirely possible):
Integral Psychology, Integral Philosophy , Gestalt Therapy, Spiral Dynamics, Developmental theory, Primal Therapy (the deepest release work), Bioenergetics, Radical Honesty, Couples therapy & family systems, Communication skills training, Fair fight training, Re-parenting, Breathwork, Meditation, centering and mindfulness, Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, dance, Critical thinking & cognitive errors, Non-local consciousness and intentionality (includes remote viewing), “Advanced Beings”, Reverse temporal effects, Subtle Energy psychology and healing, Krishnamurti, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Shamanism, Biofeedback & Stress reduction, Boundary dynamics etc.